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Introducing the Men's Art Forum Songwriters' Salon

First Sunday of each month.
First meeting: Sunday, March 4, 2007; 5:00-8:00pm
The Leadway Bar, 5233 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago
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For whom?
* Songwriters of all ages, levels of experience and stylistic preferences: try out new material or dust off old; practice performance in a supportive environment; learn some new techniques
* Lyricists: meet potential musical collaborators
* Poets: explore another dimension of the poetic tradition
* Vocalists and musicians: get an inside track on great new material
What to bring:
* A song (lyrics, music, or both) you have written
* A song, written by someone else, that you do or do not like, and the reasons why
* Your instrument or a recording (sound system available)
* Ideas on what you would like the Salon to evolve into
The Songwriters Salon is a chance to explore, have fun, learn, and share the experience with others who are passionate about this art form.
We’ll be making this up as we go along. There are many format possibilities to consider. Here are a few:
* Structured program of designed activities
* Small collaboration groups of 4 to 6 people monitored by professional musicians, performers, and songwriters.
* Preparation of songs/lyrics prior to the Salon
* Individual presentations of songs  
* Safe and respectful feedback sessions
* Solitary time and space to write, compose, experiment, and create.
* Information on the business of songwriting, performing and recording
* Open mic evenings, open to the public, at various local venues.
* Preparation/coaching for performing songwriters.
* Recording of performances: video and audio taping
* Expanding professional and personal network of songwriters, musicians, lyricists, and performers to continue beyond the Salon.
* Classes and workshops for physical, emotional, mental, relationship, and spiritual health and wellness.

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