MARTIN Jeff Dick©

They come into my room again, mom, dad, brothers and friends
Smiling faces look at me, but I can’t tell them all the love I see
With complications I was born, from a loving womb and well cared for
Doctor was late when I was to arrive, my body strugglin’ to stay alive
Ooooohhh, heard mama cryin, she knew I was dyin'
I joined the world but not the same, as other kids that ran and playedMartin
My hands refused to write or draw, dancing's out, couldn't stand at all
Wondering how an apple tastes, a singin' heart my voice encased
But something worked inside this no-man’s land, my quiet smile always beat the band
Oooooohhhhh,, helpless you tried, it was agreed and decided
long ago…..long ago
Mom fought hard, got me in school,
kids all loved me, thought I was cool
Condescending looks of passers-by, too blind to see I was a happy guy
Sometimes invited to a gathering where, we struggled with the wheelchair
We cancelled plans when I was in great pain, my family stayed inside and we played games
And God only knew, I cried for you too
I check out every now and then, to visit with some of my dearest friends
Just beyond the normal sound and sight, they warmly greet me at the doors of light
They teach me that I've made you strong, reassuring words you’ve done no wrong
When I return here for the final ride, I’ll love and help you from the other side
Flying so high, I hear Eagle’s Cry, the pony with wolf and two bears
Moon and the sun, the Great Spirit's Love,
transforming our hearts everywhere
Don’t grieve too long, you’ve done your best,
this tired body’s lying down to rest
You’ll remember swimmin’ in the sea, the good times floating in the waves with me
Fishin’ and finding moose in woodland Maine, enjoying music in Chicago rain
Museums, rafting, walkin’ thru the park, guitars and fire, laughing in the dark
Ooooohhh, good-bye, never, how 'bout see you.........forever
forever... (just another day)
forever... (there is no goodbye........see you again)